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Daylight saving brings risks with loss of sleep

Saturday night or Sunday morning we will all mindlessly set our clocks ahead and bemoan the hour we won't get back until October. And on Monday and Tuesday, our risk of Read More

The Science of Happiness

Are you happy right now? Whether yes or no, there are a myriad of reasons why you feel that way. A whole academic discipline has developed to find out what Read More

To Your Health January 2014

  Keep Happy in the Winter: How to Avoid Seasonal Depression Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is when people experience symptoms of depression during the Fall and Winter months (winter depression) or Spring Read More

Five Things You Need To Know To Keep Your Child Healthy

Parents in my clinic are always asking about how to keep their children healthy. I am a fundamentalist by nature in the sense that I think the day to day Read More

No Better Time to Exercise Than Now

By Editorial Staff We've said it before, are saying it now and undoubtedly will say it again: When it comes to exercise, you have to find time, make time and save Read More

Antibiotic Use in Infancy Leads to Weight Gain?

By Editorial Staff While it's not healthy for a child to be underweight at birth and during the first few years of life, being overweight is rarely a good thing, particularly since research Read More

Calm Down Your Kids, Keep Away The Soda

What does soda have to do with your child's aggressive behavior? Quite a lot, according to a new study. Researchers recently found that children who consumed soda tended to measure higher Read More

To Your Health - September 2013

  Weight, Activity Statistics Explain America's Weight Problem Recently, a national online news magazine came out with what may be developing into an annual event. For the third straight year, the magazine Read More

Linsey Weenk - Lucas Oil Crusader Monster Truck Driver

Linsey Weenk is one of Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam’s most popular and well-known superstars. The Canadian native started his career in Jurassic Attack, but began to make his name when Read More

Protect Your Kids This Summer

The summer season is in full effect and the outdoors is the place where many kids will be spending their time – under the scorching sun. So how can you Read More

To your Health - August 2013

Fish Oil Causes Prostate Cancer? Don't Believe the Media Hype There has recently been a surge in media coverage regarding a study that allegedly examined the effects of fish oil supplementation Read More

Overuse of smartphones can cause slipped discs

  With smartphones gaining popularity among South Koreans since 2010, an escalating number of youngsters, mostly in their twenties, are beginning to suffer the consequences. According to the Korean National Health Insurance Corporation, Read More

Fatigue Fighters: 4 Great Ways to Stay Energized

By Editorial Staff of To your Health Whether you're a night owl enjoying the social scene until early morning; a compulsive couch potato destined to watch the boob tube until the clock strikes Read More

Headache Triggers You Need To Know

Headaches are known to be brought on by common daily life stress such as traffic, work and child care. For many, headaches can even lead to severe migraines that are Read More

Neck Pain as Common as Back Pain?

Low-back pain affects more than 150 million Americans each year -- that's 56% of the population! And until researchers prove otherwise, it's probably safe to assume that this estimate applies Read More

Good Food, Good Summer: Helping Kids Eat Healthy

By Editorial Staff of To Your Health In our world of convenience, nutrition often takes a big hit, and that's no more true than during the summer, when kids have way Read More

Viewing 49 - 64 out of 212 posts


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