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To Your Health January 2014


Keep Happy in the Winter: How to Avoid Seasonal Depression


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is when people experience symptoms of depression during the Fall and Winter months (winter depression) or Spring and summer months (summer depression). It is thought to occur due to the changes in duration of sunlight which then affects our circadian rhythm, serotonin levels and our melatonin levels.

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Eating Healthy on the Go


Now that the busy holiday schedule is over, you have all the time in the world to eat healthy right? Probably not...if your schedule is as hectic all year round as some of my patients. So, how do you stay healthy by eating healthy when your schedule is as busy and chaotic as ever? Here's a few tips I give my patients in my clinic of integrative medicine...

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All About Air Quality: How Safe Are You?


In the past decade, recorded cases of asthma have increased exponentially. While studies are being done to connect this prevalence increase to diet and allergies, among other things, it's safe to assume that the culprit, at least in part, could be our increasingly poor air quality. A new NASA world map released in September 2013 compares data from the...

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Running Form: How Should Your Feet Hit the Ground?


Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of slow runners instinctively strike the ground with their heels, there is a growing trend among running experts to have recreational runners strike the ground with their mid- or forefoot. Proponents of the more forward contact point suggest that a mid- or forefoot strike pattern is more natural because...

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Berries for Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) essentially means blood flow through your arteries increases, which can lead to some serious problems over time: we're talking arterial damage (increasing the risk of arteriosclerosis), coronary artery disease, heart attack or heart failure, kidney damage/failure, and stroke.

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The Science of Happiness

Are you happy right now? Whether yes or no, there are a myriad of reasons why you feel that way. A whole academic discipline has developed to find out what causes or obstructs happiness, and how to amplify it.

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