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Linsey Weenk - Lucas Oil Crusader Monster Truck Driver

Linsey Weenk is one of Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam’s most popular and well-known superstars. The Canadian native started his career in Jurassic Attack, but began to make his name when he exploded onto the scene driving Iron Outlaw for Jimmy Creten’s 2Xtreme Race Team. As a virtual unknown, Weenk started the 2006 winter season in Iron Outlaw with a series of victories at some of the sport’s biggest televised events including Montreal, Minneapolis, and Detroit. It was these events where Weenk captured wins over the top stars in the sport, cementing his status as one of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam’s premier racers. In 2008, Weenk was selectedto driverBlue Thunder®.  Now he drives the all new Lucas Oil Crusader.


Linsey Weenk is the driver of Lucas Oil Crusader Monster Truck and World Finalist for the 2013 Monster Jam.

Being part of one the most physical and traumatic sports (Monster Trucks Jam) while trying to stay healthy is a hard thing to do. With every flip, jump, and landing and not to say every unfortunate crash; my body takes a beating. Anything from constant whiplash, to back pain, arm pain, leg pain, and headaches that could easily put me out of the sport I love. After doing some research and finding what are the top athletes are doing to maintain their high performance and also keeping them on the game; I found out that they would incorporate chiropractic treatment to help them. 

After going to several chiropractors, I found Dr. Romo to be the perfect fit for me. Dr. Romo is one of the most knowledgeable chiropractors that I have ever met and worked with. He has helped me stay on top of my game since he is an expert in automobile collision injuries, which goes hand in hand with my sport.  Not to go into exact detail about the treatment and techniques, but he has helped me with internal problems as well as muscular and bone problems. Dr. Romo is caring always smiling, always happy, and treats you like you are his best friend. Thanks Dr. Romo for all of your help.