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Spring Into Action: Clean Out the Pantry


Most of us think of our closets when we talk about spring cleaning. But what about our pantry and fridge? Because our diet does drastically change from winter time into the warmer months, cleaning out our pantry and fridge during the spring time is a good habit to pick up. The key things to think about for a fridge and pantry clean up are your health goals. Read More



Take Care of Your Joints


Many of my patients in my integrative clinic in San Jose, CA come to see me regarding their joint aches and pains. If it's not the joint itself then it's the tendons and soft tissue around the joint that is bothering them. If you think about it, these little joints keep us active and functional. They go through a lot on a daily basis just to keep us up...Read More


Eat Fish, Live Longer


We all know eating fish has a number of benefits, but what if we told you it can also help you live longer? That is what many researchers have found after doing numerous studies. According to a new study, eating fish could potentially slash an older person's risk of dying prematurely by more than a quarter, and their risk of dying from heart disease by...Read More



To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? Information You Need to Know


Barbara Loe Fisher has been a diligent advocate for providing parents with the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding the usage of vaccinations for their children. Her lifetime work has paved the way to bring discussion to the safety and efficacy of so many chemicals that have become mainstream in today's pediatric population. With...Read More


5 Awesome Ab Exercises to Tone and Tighten Your Core

You can flaunt your toned arms and legs, defined back and shoulders, and tight chest muscles all day long, but if your abdominal area is flabby, pudgy or otherwise unfit, you're not going to impress anyone – first of all yourself. That's because a toned, tightened, attractive core is just that – the core of what makes people say, "Wow, you're really in...Read More


Ward off Diabetes With Walnuts

Incorporating nuts into your diet is essential and diabetes is one thing you are fearful of, then eating one particular kind of nut can help - walnuts. This is especially true for women, according to new research. Eating walnuts may reduce the risk for Type 2 diabetes in women, a large new study concluded. Read More