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Healthy Habits for the New Year

Yes, it's about that time of year again: time to review your 2015 accomplishments – more specifically, the resolutions you made at the start of the year – and make your 2016 list. How's the year gone for you? Did you take your healthy resolutions to heart ... or are you doomed to repeat them (unsuccessfully) in 2016? Here's a simple game plan for success in the new year: health and wellness resolutions that are manageable, achievable and make you feel great!

  • The 30-Minute Rule: No matter the day, no matter the deadlines, find at least 30 minutes (at once or in 10-minute blocks) to be physically active. Whether it's taking an after-dinner stroll, biking to work, walking the dog or playing tag with the kids, find ways to inject motion into your daily life.

Keep the Couch Clean: Limit your television time (and especially your kids' time) as much as possible. In general, there's a direct correlation between time spent on the couch and two unhealthy habits: moving less and snacking more.

Ditch Dessert: Change your mindset when it comes to eating dessert every night. You can do it by only treating yourself to dessert a few nights a week or by expanding your definition of dessert to include fruit, yogurt or even a non-sugary snack (crackers and cheese, carrots with spinach dip, etc.).

year 2016 - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register MarkIt's a Water World: And we don't just mean in the sense of drinking more, which has numerous health and weight-loss benefits. We also mean swimming more (exercise), taking more relaxing baths (stress relief) and when weather permits, enjoying more outdoors time with friends and family.

Time Outs Aren't Just for Kids: Stress can be a killer, both literally and figuratively. From a resolution perspective, it can waylay even your best efforts, putting you in an irritated, agitated mood in which you'd rather sit on the couch and eat a gallon of ice cream than stick to "the plan." When you're feeling stressed, take a time out; a few deep breaths, a quick walk and a little time to process your thoughts can go a long way.

Make 2016 your best year ever by taking these and other healthy-living tips to heart. Don't think you can do it alone? Then make your resolutions with your partner or a friend and encourage one another to shared success. You'll both be grateful you did.