Physiotherapy | Therapy | Modesto

Physiotherapy is the accelerator or the catalyst for the process of the manipulation. The therapy will enable us to more rapidly improve the range of motion in the person's body through measures such as, traction of cervical spine or the thoracolumbar spine, as well as hip joints, ankle joints and knee joints. These measures help to decompress the nervous system when there are pinched nerves present in those compressed areas of the previously mentioned.

Therapy helps to loosen, relax old scar tissue, fibrous adhesions, which would be a spider web type material that forms between the muscles and the bones that stops the free gliding movement after an injury.

It helps to promote blood circulation through an injured area that may have limited blood supply. It helps to loosen an arthritic joint and to open breathing passages of asthmatic, allergy or bronchitis ridden patients, to clear sinus passages that may be blocked due to sinus irritation from allergies or soothe an irritated nerve, such as a chronic sciatic pain or frozen shoulders or arthritis in the hands or other type of joint.

Electrical stimulation, is used primarily for pain control and more rapidly decreasing inflammation that is caused from injury or caused from the time that you are manipulating or adjusting a persons body, follow-up care is needed, such as therapy, most of all home therapy the evening after the adjustment with the use ice to control inflammation and accelerate the healing process.