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By To Your Health July, 2013 (Vol. 07, Issue 07)
July 31, 2013
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Fish Oil Causes Prostate Cancer? Don't Believe the Media Hype

There has recently been a surge in media coverage regarding a study that allegedly examined the effects of fish oil supplementation on prostate cancer expression. But quite to the contrary, the subjects in this study were notsupplemented with fish oil or put on a fish-rich diet, which means that it is completely inappropriate to suggest fish-oil...Read More



Feed Your Brain

As we age, it is vital to take care of the most important organ we have – our brain. Our brain is able to not only store significant memories, but also help us enjoy our lives to the fullest by being actively engaged in it. When it comes to your nutrition, you should be thinking about the best foods to feed your brain with. The brain needs a variety of... Read More


Alternatives For Lower Back Pain

We all know when it comes to lower back pain the first person you call is your chiropractor. Chiropractors can help you find relief and can also recommend a number of ways you can extend that relief well past the chiropractic session. Many chiropractors recommend their patients adopt healthy habits such as walking, yoga and certain exercises such as...Read More



Protect Your Kids This Summer

The summer season is in full effect and the outdoors is the place where many kids will be spending their time – under the scorching sun. So how can you make sure they are safe? Here are a few tips to help your kids make it through the hot weather in a healthy way while they are out of school...Read More


Cranberry Works on Urinary Tract Infection

We've all heard about the home remedy when it comes to urinary tract infections - cranberry. It has long been thought that drinking cranberry juice would guard and possibly relieve urinary tract infections (UTIs). Turns out this is true....Read More


Low Vitamin D? Aging Problems Can Occur

Everyone knows that one of the key vitamins to good health is vitamin D. Vitamin D can influence how well your brain and bones work. For seniors, vitamin D is critical. A new study has found that low vitamin D levels in people over 55 are associated with an inability to perform ordinary tasks of daily life...

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