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No Shave November

What is the purpose of No Shave November?


No Shave Novemver is, as the name implies, an annual tradition in which men don't shave for the entire month of November, growing facial hair in the name of raising awareness of men's prostate health, to promote manliness, or just because. Women can also participate by not shaving their legs and/or armpits. No Shave November has it's roots in the slightly older Movember, the international version in which men grow mustaches in the month of November to promote prostate cancer awareness. Movember, however, allows participants to shave their beard and trim their mustache, where No Shave November doesn't allow shaving of any sort. The tradition of No Shave November is viewed by some as a response to wearing pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness during the month of September.

Movember began in Australia in 1999 and quickly spread throughout the world. Soon Americans had began celebrating No-Shave November and the point of the whole thing was forgotten by many and the tradition became, for some, a celebration of laziness. Some celebrities who have participated in No-Shave-November include David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Gerald Butler, and a large number of the Green Bay Packers.


What are the rules of No Shave November?

No Shave November's rules are simple yet firm. On October 31st male participants are to shave off all facial hair(or any other hair they wish to remove in observance of the tradition), and women are to shave off all leg and/or armpit hair. Participants are encouraged to take a photo at this point to prove their clean-shaveness and to compare before/after photos at the end of the month. Though those who are participating in contests have to fully shave men who are already sporting facial hair and who do not wish to compete can just continue to grow it in support of the cause. During the month of November no shaving, trimming, or waxing is allowed. On November 30th contests are usually held and after pictures are taken, though the official day for shaving is December 1st. Of course, if a participant does not want to shave they don't have to. There's always Don't Shave December, Just don't Shave January, Forgot to Shave February, Manly March, etc....