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Chiropractic Adjustments May Handle Vertigo


Read Chiropractic Adjustments May Handle Vertigo by Dr. Edgar Romo to learn more about Romo Chiropractic of Modesto and our Chiropractic office in Modesto, CA. 

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People who suffer from severe dizziness will frequently have the term Ménière’s Disease advanced as one possible cause of their condition. And, when their symptoms also include a ringing sound or whooshing in the ears, pressure build-up in the inner ear and severe nausea with vomiting, the diagnosis of Ménière’s Disease is generally assigned.

Ménière’s Disease gets its name from the French physician Prosper Ménière who, in 1861, reported that vertigo or dizziness could be associated with an inner ear disorder. Medically the cause is considered to be a build up of fluid in the inner ear that eventually bursts and affects surrounding areas of the ear and causes vertigo and other damage to occur. Treatment usually involves reduction of alcohol usage, and restrictions on salt, caffeine and potassium in the diet.

Now, however, a new study has shed some very interesting light on this age-old vertigo problem. Based on a study recently reported in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, there is a good chance that vertigo is actually caused by a vertebral subluxation (a misalignment of the vertebrae).

This study looked at ten individuals who were suffering from vertigo attacks and had been medically diagnosed with Ménière’s Disease. X-rays of the cervical region of each patient showed the presence of subluxations in the neck area. Each case had a bone that was out of alignment and was causing interference to the function of their central nervous system. In each case, procedures were initiated to correct the subluxations.
Researchers noted that each patient responded differently to their treatment, but in all cases the results were positive. All ten patients reported significant improvement as a result of their Chiropractic care and most had a complete recovery from their Ménière’s Disease condition.

One case in particular brought life-changing results. An 87-year-old woman had been suffering from dizziness and ringing in her ears for the past 45 years. When she had a particularly severe episode of dizziness, she would have to hold onto walls or whatever object was available to help her retain balance. Often this was not enough as she’d suffered numerous falls over the years. Some of these caused broken bones. Following the woman’s adjustment, she reported a complete alleviation of her vertigo and dizziness. Plus, the ringing in her ears was gone the day after her treatment. That was 2 years ago and she has remained free of Ménière’s Disease symptoms ever since.

Anyone who has suffered from similar symptoms needs to know that there is a good chance that Chiropractic has the solution. Whether the condition is Ménière’s Disease or simply vertigo and nausea, the cause may be a subluxation. This study helped 10 out of 10 cases, causing researchers to conclude that subluxations do indeed play a significant role in Ménière’s Disease. A visit to a chiropractor could help to handle this condition in a hurry.

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