Romo Chiropractic

Romo Chiropractic knows that allergies can make your everyday life a misery. Unwelcome symptoms such as itchy eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, or a skin rash can result from a simple walk in the garden, a play date with Fluffy, a shellfish stew, or even something as small as a nut. However, sometimes our allergic reactions can progress from just plain irritating to dangerous and life-threatening as our air passageway begins to close and we have a problem breathing. It may even seem to you, from time to time, that your environment is a very hostile place and that the world around you is, truly, out to get you!

Why does your body react, or rather overreact, to the environment with such an intense allergic reaction while other people seem unaffected? It's a valid question. The answer is because some individuals, like you, have a hyperactive immune system that actually "freaks out" when they come into contact with everyday substances such as pollen, dander, shellfish, or nuts.

Can Romo Chiropractor help with your allergy symptoms?

You may be surprised by the answer. Even though chiropractic care doesn't treat allergies, many men, women, and children notice that they experience ease from their allergy symptoms after getting chiropractic adjustments. This relief comes about because chiropractic adjustments affect the entire nervous system, including the autoimmune system. When there's a disturbance in the nervous system, in addition to other problems, the autoimmune system, whose job it is to assist us in adapting and responding appropriately to our environment, can become under-active or overactive. The dysfunction is the latter when it comes to your allergies. Because chiropractic adjustments decrease or take away disturbances in the nervous system and bring back balance and harmony to the body, the treatments bring that same homeostasis to the auto-immune system as well. A healthy immune system reacts appropriately to supposed allergens in the environment.

So, as pointed out above, Romo Chiropractor doesn't actually treat allergies. You could say, instead, that a decrease in your allergies is clearly a part of a well-adjusted nervous system. Make an appointment, today, to see your chiropractor and get back into harmony with your environment.